Aaron Novak


Aaron has a love for capturing each couple’s unique story and re-telling it through stunning imagery and personal moments. His approach when shooting is to be unobtrusive while paying attention to each detail. Aaron uses the formula of documentary style shooting with a cinematic approach so that he can be the observer and let everything naturally unfold. 

Every wedding has its own unique sense of style and personality, and his efforts are to reflect that by having each video be one of a kind. According to Aaron, the most rewarding thing is to capture those tender and timeless moments and then thread together a story which will be re-told and experienced again and again. Aaron's ultimate desire is to create a piece of art that’s compelling, fun, and timeless. 


John Robert Woods


John Robert Woods is a photographer and videographer that strives to tell the stories of human connection and love. He pairs the natural beauty of people and locations together to show the uniqueness of each wedding. John excels at finding the right light to create a dreamy and vibrant look to his work and combines this with real emotion from the couples he works with. He is humbled to have been able to shoot beautiful weddings all throughout his local California, as well as incredible destination weddings around the US and internationally at the highest levels of the industry. 


Leslie Novak


Leslie is happily married to Aaron Novak for 12 years. She has a meticulous eye for all the details and moments of a wedding. She loves arranging and posing subjects in a fashion that is aesthetically appealing. The positive nature of her personality brings the best out in the clients and anyone that she comes across. Leslie has been involved and assisted Aaron from the beginning and continues to be a vital asset to the production of the company.